The Last Sons

Where in the Hell is Wallace Blount?

Found remnants of Ghost Dance Indians

Wavoka healed both Jim and Huck’s wounds.

Ravenites, one of the Order of the Ravens. Gave up the old ways and seek to bring about the ‘Reckoning’ which is a huge collection of spirits from ‘the hunting grounds’. They seek to call Manitou (lesser demons) into our world and feed off of fear and evil. Ravenites have ‘spies’ in the Powite tribe.

There is an Indian man in town call ‘Charlie Bull’ or ‘Bull’ Spends time at the Langrishe Theater. Currently playing ‘King Leer’ for .05 a ticket.

Huck was made and ‘honorary’ Indian brave and got some ‘peace-pipe-to-go’.

Huck rescued a ‘Prairie woman’ from eight Indians and we went back to her homestead where Huck felt nervous about the situation and decided to leave and Jim went with him after secretly leaving the woman $50 at her house.

A Indian brave with white feathers keeps appearing to James. He appears to be ‘helpful’ as he pointed the way back to town when they were lost.

Jim put all money and gold in Stebbins and Post bank. (corner of Main and Lee)

A ‘white calf’ was born that the Indians all took as an omen – the Ravenites decided it meant they need to start a war on Custard’s troops.

Wallace Blunt A miner witnessed the Chinese (Kang’s men – iron dragon railway) interacting with the Indians about a week ago. He decided to investigate and hasn’t been heard from since.

Huck won a army issued telescope (engraved to ‘Captain Donahue’). Later that night, his men tried to take it back and after punching Huck a few times in the gut, a rifle blast at the ceiling and some words from Jim about dishonoring their captain convinced them to leave.

The two went out to Wallace’s Claim and along the way, encountered the dead who were killed because they trespassed on the claim and/or didn’t pay dues when two of them came to ‘life’ and attacked – attempting to tie them to a pole. After a bit of a slap fight , the two harrowed were dispatched.

Huck and Jim actually closed out Plot Point #1 by talking to Wavoka so they each got 3 XP for this session. Which means ‘Huck’ is now officially a ‘Seasoned’ Huckster. Both of you guys get to ‘level up’.

Huck 20
James 15

Welcome to Deadwood

After attempting an ill-fated rescue of the pinned down Ghost Dancers, Huck took his critically wounded companion to Deadwood and got him worked on by local doctor, Colonel Sanders.

Shortly thereafter Huck won some money from a local Chinese business man and was then summarily beat down by some Chinese martial artists in the streets outside the gambling saloon.

Next the posse intends to travel 5 miles to the East of town where Huck saw a couple indians around a campfire with James’s horse which had most of their group funds and alot of James’s equipment.

+2 XP each

Huck 17 +
James 12 +

+ each character currently has one wound

The Road to Deadwood

The posse headed North toward Deadwood in a armored coach. They were set up by Sam Bass and his cronies. The huckster dispatched of them relatively quickly as McCormick hatched yet another plan to use dynamite. While tracking down the horses, the posse ran upon a wounded indian warrior. He spoke of Wovaka, leader of the Ghost Dance, needing help.

After passing out from exhaustion, the posse awoke the next morning to some well formed English from the indian brave.

+2 XP each

Huck 15
McCormick 10


The posse talked their way past a homestead in the way of the drive after finding a burnt out homestead with a ‘shrink wrapped’ body over a burnt out fire.

Sutter sent them to fetch a couple ‘boys’ he sent a few days back to get rations at ‘Dog Leg’. They encountered the ‘marshal’ installed by Colonel Socrates Gault and found he had the boys in custody. After some bloodshed the marshal and his ‘deputies’ were dealt with and the ‘boys’ were rescued.

After some clairvoyance from the huckster, the posse found out that Gault’s men had take the herd along with Sutter and his men and were keeping them in a nearby box canyon. The ‘preacher’ managed to inspire 10 townsfolk to take up their rifles and help them fight Sutter’s ~40 men.

With some well thrown sticks of dynamite and some lucky shootin’ from the townsfolk, two thirds of Gault’s men were incapacitated in quick order. Then a short pitched gun fight ensued while Huck freed Sutter and his people.

Once Gault’s men realized they had been out matched, the remaining outlaws jumped on horses and road off. Gault himself also escaped.

The posse collected some spoils from Gault’s camp and easily finished the drive arriving in Denver, CO.

3 XP each


Huck 13
Preacher 13
McCormick 8

Next move is up to Huck and McCormick. They can…

1) Take up one of the classified adds for Denver or nearby.
2) Continue North with Sutter’s remaining herd.
3) Set out to collect the $1000 reward on Colonel Gault’s head.
4) Go West to Cali and start the ‘Flood’ campaign.
5) Go North to Deadwood and start the ‘Last Sons’ campaign.
6) Something else…

No Man's Land

The posse rode ahead of the herd to Eastman’s Creek, a small farming community where Bill Sutter wanted to try to off load some cattle. The woods surrounding the town were quite ‘scary’ and once arriving in the town it appeared like little more than a ghost town.

They managed to get information out of the saloon owner about recent lynchings of innocent townspeople where they could never find the culprits responsible. As it turned out, there was a ‘hanging tree’ just a mile outside town that had hung a couple folk initially and then after being buried, they arose at night and drug a new victim to the tree. The posse destroyed the tree with dynamite and caught the zombies coming into town for the local general store owner.

After ‘settling’ up on 2 score head of cattle for $40 each, posse returned to the herd where after a few quiet days entered the Black Mesa in an attempt to avoid a well known toll road. Three nights full of nightmares and then the 4th night close to 20 ravenite braves assaulted the camp let by a mysterious indian shaman that barely escaped after many braves were incapacitated or scared away by the huckster.

Five Lazy S cowboys were injured but will recover. One died from a fatal head wound. But the herd was kept safe.

After surviving another assault , the rest of the trip up and through the Trincheras Pass is uneventful. The terrain is not overly steep and the trail skirts the edges of a few draws and never becomes particularly challenging. In fact, the transition is so gentle, the heroes are almost through the pass before they realize they’re crossing the apex.

On the other side lies Colorado…and the Disputed Territories. The Disputed Territories are the domain of War and it won’t be long before the heroes get their first taste of the Reckoner’s handiwork.

GM NOTE: I’ve decided to override the option to turn in the black Fate chip for an additional XP. The black chip remains with the character until used. There now will be a second one in the bag for destroying the Hangin’ Tree.

3 XP each


Huck 10 ++
Preacher 10 *
McCormick 5

Each player can pick their next XP ‘award’.

‘*’ has a black Fate chip
‘+’ wounds

Head 'Em Up: Part Two

The posse spent a couple weeks travellin’ during which time they prolly ran into too many random encounters. Sorry, my bad. In addition, they encountered some dude crash a jetpack, were blamed for meddlin’ by nearby Confederate troops and Huck won alot of money in town that night, my bad again.

They also encountered a Texas Hangin’ Judge and a queer Wolf. Subsequently they blew away once with a shotgun and castrated the other with a rifle at long range. Sheesh!

I’m going to hold off on so many random things next session and skip to the end so to speak. I am new to this genre so bite me!

2 XP each


Huck 7
Preacher 7
McCormick (or whatever alias he is using now) 2

Huck and preacher boy should pick their 5 XP benefit. Next session on Dec 21st.

Head 'Em Up: Part One

Following the duel an Pettinger’s Supply, Billy Sutton rushes the final preparations to get his cattle drive on the trail before Vermillion Bayou send more thugs to ‘encourage’ him to sell his cattle to them. After gathering up the last few straggler cattle and dealing with some giant tarrantualas, the drive North begins. After a few days on the trail, a gang of Vermillion thugs, some of which are seriously ’dead’ly, attack the camp at night and attempt to stampede the herd.

After a pitched battle, their efforts are thwarted, some are killed, one Lazy S cowboy is killed and the preacher gets castrated…literally. The next few days are dry and uneventful as they find there first watering hole in days in the form of a well at a strangely abandon homestead.

After spending the better part of the day watering the herd, the cowpokes continue on the trail for a couple more days before a couple Texas Rangers approach from the ‘Drag’ to inquire about a shooting a week back where Bartholomew Phelps was drawn down and killed under questionable circumstances. Local witness claimed the ‘killer’ drew first which makes him a murderer. After some ernest assurances from the preacher that it was a clean kill, the rangers head back South.

+2 XP for each character


Huck 5 XP
Preacher 5 XP


The adventure begins in a small town called Sutter’s Flats in southwest Texas, in early spring. How the posse ends up there is largely up to you. Perhaps they’re just riding through on their way north from Laredo or maybe they’ve been drawn near the border hunting down a bounty. Or it could be they’re on the run themselves, and it’s hard to get much farther out of the way than Sutter’s Flats!

The posse met Bill Sutter, in the bar and accepted jobs as cowboys on his travel North to sell his cattle for a reasonable price since the local buyer, Vermillion Bayou, is offering prices so low that it ain’t worth selling any of his herd here.

After some threats and a duel that left one Bartholomew Phelps dead with a bullet through the eye, our posse begin last preparations for their cattle drive.

Ethan 3
Deters 3


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