The Last Sons

Where in the Hell is Wallace Blount?

Found remnants of Ghost Dance Indians

Wavoka healed both Jim and Huck’s wounds.

Ravenites, one of the Order of the Ravens. Gave up the old ways and seek to bring about the ‘Reckoning’ which is a huge collection of spirits from ‘the hunting grounds’. They seek to call Manitou (lesser demons) into our world and feed off of fear and evil. Ravenites have ‘spies’ in the Powite tribe.

There is an Indian man in town call ‘Charlie Bull’ or ‘Bull’ Spends time at the Langrishe Theater. Currently playing ‘King Leer’ for .05 a ticket.

Huck was made and ‘honorary’ Indian brave and got some ‘peace-pipe-to-go’.

Huck rescued a ‘Prairie woman’ from eight Indians and we went back to her homestead where Huck felt nervous about the situation and decided to leave and Jim went with him after secretly leaving the woman $50 at her house.

A Indian brave with white feathers keeps appearing to James. He appears to be ‘helpful’ as he pointed the way back to town when they were lost.

Jim put all money and gold in Stebbins and Post bank. (corner of Main and Lee)

A ‘white calf’ was born that the Indians all took as an omen – the Ravenites decided it meant they need to start a war on Custard’s troops.

Wallace Blunt A miner witnessed the Chinese (Kang’s men – iron dragon railway) interacting with the Indians about a week ago. He decided to investigate and hasn’t been heard from since.

Huck won a army issued telescope (engraved to ‘Captain Donahue’). Later that night, his men tried to take it back and after punching Huck a few times in the gut, a rifle blast at the ceiling and some words from Jim about dishonoring their captain convinced them to leave.

The two went out to Wallace’s Claim and along the way, encountered the dead who were killed because they trespassed on the claim and/or didn’t pay dues when two of them came to ‘life’ and attacked – attempting to tie them to a pole. After a bit of a slap fight , the two harrowed were dispatched.

Huck and Jim actually closed out Plot Point #1 by talking to Wavoka so they each got 3 XP for this session. Which means ‘Huck’ is now officially a ‘Seasoned’ Huckster. Both of you guys get to ‘level up’.

Huck 20
James 15


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