The Last Sons

Welcome to Deadwood

After attempting an ill-fated rescue of the pinned down Ghost Dancers, Huck took his critically wounded companion to Deadwood and got him worked on by local doctor, Colonel Sanders.

Shortly thereafter Huck won some money from a local Chinese business man and was then summarily beat down by some Chinese martial artists in the streets outside the gambling saloon.

Next the posse intends to travel 5 miles to the East of town where Huck saw a couple indians around a campfire with James’s horse which had most of their group funds and alot of James’s equipment.

+2 XP each

Huck 17 +
James 12 +

+ each character currently has one wound


“Ill fated” rescue?… Yeah – there was a plan… Let’s just say that James was not wearing his ‘George Peppard’ hat that day.

I think James needs to start creating plans that involve Huck being the ‘distraction’ somewhere and tell Huck that the ‘plan’ is to wait for the signal.. and then just let Huck be Huck…

I think James may start using the phrase , “Oh s#!%, we’re so hucked.”

Welcome to Deadwood

Tee hee.

Welcome to Deadwood

FYI…on Marksman, you have to be Seasoned to even take the advantage. I’m not ‘revoking’ it since you are almost Seasoned, but just be aware that alot of edges require something higher than Novice.

Welcome to Deadwood
twcrone twcrone

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