The Last Sons

No Man's Land

The posse rode ahead of the herd to Eastman’s Creek, a small farming community where Bill Sutter wanted to try to off load some cattle. The woods surrounding the town were quite ‘scary’ and once arriving in the town it appeared like little more than a ghost town.

They managed to get information out of the saloon owner about recent lynchings of innocent townspeople where they could never find the culprits responsible. As it turned out, there was a ‘hanging tree’ just a mile outside town that had hung a couple folk initially and then after being buried, they arose at night and drug a new victim to the tree. The posse destroyed the tree with dynamite and caught the zombies coming into town for the local general store owner.

After ‘settling’ up on 2 score head of cattle for $40 each, posse returned to the herd where after a few quiet days entered the Black Mesa in an attempt to avoid a well known toll road. Three nights full of nightmares and then the 4th night close to 20 ravenite braves assaulted the camp let by a mysterious indian shaman that barely escaped after many braves were incapacitated or scared away by the huckster.

Five Lazy S cowboys were injured but will recover. One died from a fatal head wound. But the herd was kept safe.

After surviving another assault , the rest of the trip up and through the Trincheras Pass is uneventful. The terrain is not overly steep and the trail skirts the edges of a few draws and never becomes particularly challenging. In fact, the transition is so gentle, the heroes are almost through the pass before they realize they’re crossing the apex.

On the other side lies Colorado…and the Disputed Territories. The Disputed Territories are the domain of War and it won’t be long before the heroes get their first taste of the Reckoner’s handiwork.

GM NOTE: I’ve decided to override the option to turn in the black Fate chip for an additional XP. The black chip remains with the character until used. There now will be a second one in the bag for destroying the Hangin’ Tree.

3 XP each


Huck 10 ++
Preacher 10 *
McCormick 5

Each player can pick their next XP ‘award’.

‘*’ has a black Fate chip
‘+’ wounds


twcrone twcrone

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