The Last Sons

Head 'Em Up: Part Two

The posse spent a couple weeks travellin’ during which time they prolly ran into too many random encounters. Sorry, my bad. In addition, they encountered some dude crash a jetpack, were blamed for meddlin’ by nearby Confederate troops and Huck won alot of money in town that night, my bad again.

They also encountered a Texas Hangin’ Judge and a queer Wolf. Subsequently they blew away once with a shotgun and castrated the other with a rifle at long range. Sheesh!

I’m going to hold off on so many random things next session and skip to the end so to speak. I am new to this genre so bite me!

2 XP each


Huck 7
Preacher 7
McCormick (or whatever alias he is using now) 2

Huck and preacher boy should pick their 5 XP benefit. Next session on Dec 21st.


twcrone twcrone

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