The Last Sons

Head 'Em Up: Part One

Following the duel an Pettinger’s Supply, Billy Sutton rushes the final preparations to get his cattle drive on the trail before Vermillion Bayou send more thugs to ‘encourage’ him to sell his cattle to them. After gathering up the last few straggler cattle and dealing with some giant tarrantualas, the drive North begins. After a few days on the trail, a gang of Vermillion thugs, some of which are seriously ’dead’ly, attack the camp at night and attempt to stampede the herd.

After a pitched battle, their efforts are thwarted, some are killed, one Lazy S cowboy is killed and the preacher gets castrated…literally. The next few days are dry and uneventful as they find there first watering hole in days in the form of a well at a strangely abandon homestead.

After spending the better part of the day watering the herd, the cowpokes continue on the trail for a couple more days before a couple Texas Rangers approach from the ‘Drag’ to inquire about a shooting a week back where Bartholomew Phelps was drawn down and killed under questionable circumstances. Local witness claimed the ‘killer’ drew first which makes him a murderer. After some ernest assurances from the preacher that it was a clean kill, the rangers head back South.

+2 XP for each character


Huck 5 XP
Preacher 5 XP


twcrone twcrone

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