The Last Sons


The posse talked their way past a homestead in the way of the drive after finding a burnt out homestead with a ‘shrink wrapped’ body over a burnt out fire.

Sutter sent them to fetch a couple ‘boys’ he sent a few days back to get rations at ‘Dog Leg’. They encountered the ‘marshal’ installed by Colonel Socrates Gault and found he had the boys in custody. After some bloodshed the marshal and his ‘deputies’ were dealt with and the ‘boys’ were rescued.

After some clairvoyance from the huckster, the posse found out that Gault’s men had take the herd along with Sutter and his men and were keeping them in a nearby box canyon. The ‘preacher’ managed to inspire 10 townsfolk to take up their rifles and help them fight Sutter’s ~40 men.

With some well thrown sticks of dynamite and some lucky shootin’ from the townsfolk, two thirds of Gault’s men were incapacitated in quick order. Then a short pitched gun fight ensued while Huck freed Sutter and his people.

Once Gault’s men realized they had been out matched, the remaining outlaws jumped on horses and road off. Gault himself also escaped.

The posse collected some spoils from Gault’s camp and easily finished the drive arriving in Denver, CO.

3 XP each


Huck 13
Preacher 13
McCormick 8

Next move is up to Huck and McCormick. They can…

1) Take up one of the classified adds for Denver or nearby.
2) Continue North with Sutter’s remaining herd.
3) Set out to collect the $1000 reward on Colonel Gault’s head.
4) Go West to Cali and start the ‘Flood’ campaign.
5) Go North to Deadwood and start the ‘Last Sons’ campaign.
6) Something else…


twcrone twcrone

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